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ZHANG & ASSOCIATES, LLC ATTORNEYS AT LAW (was firstly called THE LAW OFFICE OF ZHONG YUE ZHANG was established in New York City in October 1998). ZHANG & ASSOCIATES, LLC is a law firm that is duly registered in the State of New York. ZHANG & ASSOCIATES, LLC is focusing on the general legal practice of law and has its offices in New York City. The practice of ZHANG & ASSOCIATES, LLC consists of providing legal service mainly to the Chinese speaking communities in New York City, the New York States, all of the other cities in the United States and in overseas. The legal services that ZHANG & ASSOCIATES, LLC provides including, but not limited to the areas of immigration law, real estate, commercial transactions, civil litigations, criminal litigations, matrimonial cases, landlord tenant contract related disputes, company registration, liquor license applications and so on. Moreover, we serve US and non-US clients who come to us for advice, request for representation and transactional assistance in a broad range of practice including the areas of litigation, corporate, tax, international law and trusts and estates. The service that ZHANG & ASSOCIATES, LLC provides has become an important part has become an important part of the legal communities in the large Chinese communities in New York and in the United States.

ZHANG & ASSOCIATES, LLC has a lot of clients in the United States and overseas who are doing business and living in the Chinese communities. While the large part of our clients are in the United States, we also have clients from Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Korea, Philippin, and some countries in South America. An important part of our legal practice is international related.

ZHANG & ASSOCIATES, LLC is composed of a group of international professionals from a wide variety of industries. Members of the group have extensive knowledge and understanding of their areas not only focusing on legal practice in the United States, but also on the areas of international finance, investment, management, human resources, marketing, business development and services related to intellectual property and so on. We are dedicated to provide services of highest quality, in timely fashion and at commercially reasonable rates.

Attorney Profile

John Z. Zhang, Esq. (John Zhong Yue Zhang) is the founder and the president of Zhang & Associates, LLC, a New York City based law firm and the founder and the president of Zekka Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhang previously worked for the law firms of Dansker & Espromonte Associates, the cases that White & Case, Debevoice & Plimpton and McCarter & English were in charge in the United States of America. In the middle of 1990, Mr. Zhang worked for Deacons Graham & James and Simmons & Simmons for the IPO projects for Chinese companies to list their H shares in Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Mr. Zhang holds a JD degree from University of Maine School of Law and had also spent one year as a visiting student in Brooklyn Law School. Mr. Zhang also holds a MA degree from Fudan University in the area of economics. He was a visiting scholar to Beijing University School of Economics during early 1980's and had written many articles, research papers and books. Currently, Mr. Zhang is an adviser for several international enterprises and associations in China and in the United States of America. Mr. Zhang is invited to write legal column for Sing Tao Newspaper on the biweekly basis to as the attorney for the legal columns. He is regularly recommended by Sing Tao Newspaper, the Chinese Yellow Pages and the local associations as expert on immigration issues.

ZHANG & ASSOCIATES LLC has a strong supporting team to work with attorney Zhang in the two offices in New York City and in Shanghai China. Attorney Zhang is licensed to practice law by the New York Supreme Court, New York Court of Appeals, all New York local court, United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. ZHANG & ASSOCIATES LLC has another two of counsels to work with us, attorney Mort M. Horowitz and attorney Louis T. Cammarosano. They are licensed by the New York Supreme Court and New Jersey Supreme Court. ZHANG & ASSOCIATES LLC currently has six experienced assistants working closely with our attorneys in Manhattan office and Flushing office in New York City and two experienced assistants in the company in Shanghai, China to provide you efficient and high quality legal work. All of our assistants own baccalaureate degree from the universities in USA, China and Canada, majoring in international trade, economic, legal, business etc. Some of our assistants have more than four years professional experience in legal area and they obtain solid knowledge in business operations, information research, communication and computer skill. We provide multi-language service to our clients, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghai dialect etc.